The Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective’s second studio release, "Volume 2", takes the Collective a few steps closer to its goal of sharing the spectrum of NYC bluegrass by bringing local talent into the recording studio. “You might not expect it, but New York City has developed a strong bluegrass tradition with serious talent,” says co-founder Zack Bruce. “I feel lucky to be part of a community that includes some of my favorite musicians. With the Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective, we want to capture the spirit of the great bluegrass being played all over the city.”

"Volume 2" features performances by Andrea Asprelli, Abby Hollander, Alex Hargreaves, Billy Failing, Christian Apuzzo, Craig Judelman, Doug Goldstein, Ellery Marshall, Eric Robertson, Grant Ziolkowski, Hilary Hawke, Jason Borisoff, Jason Sypher, Jeff Picker, Larry Cook, Max Johnson, Rick Snell, Sam Barnes, Sheriff Uncle Bob, Thomas Bryan Eaton, and Zack Bruce.