The New York City professional bluegrass community is made up of many freelance workers (much like the jazz community), and as such we have a fluid and vibrant group of musicians who work closely together on hundreds of gigs and performances per year in the city and throughout the Northeast. Many of the musicians in the Collective are members of national and international touring groups and because of professional-level demands on schedules, our line-ups shift depending on the performances we book and availability of musicians. 

Our job is to connect this community to clients like you, which means that we hand-pick each band to be the best fit for your special day. The players and singers here in NYC are first-rate musicians and consummate professionals.

The Collective is not so much a band, as it is, well, a collective!

A good way to get a feel for this is to listen to our latest studio release, Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective: Volume 2, which features the musicians with whom we book dozens of events yearly. Also, you can visit our YouTube Channel, where you'll see many different musicians represented. Part of our work is documenting the NYC bluegrass scene through live videos and recordings that we produce.

Our Story

Once upon a time, five friends (Jason Borisoff, Zack Bruce, Jeff Picker, Ellery Marshall, and Sam Barnes) set out to make a record.  Needing something to sell at their many gigs around town, all five agreed that a CD is a good place to start.  They compiled the tunes, rehearsed the arrangements, and booked the studio time.  

After six weeks of rehearsal and tracking, the record was done!  And they were happy with it!  Lacking a band name, they settled on The Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective.  In the weeks and months after the release of "Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective, Volume 1", they realized that the band name they chose could have easily applied to any iteration of the 30 or 40 avid and professional bluegrassers in the NYC area. Zack and Jason began to explore the idea of expanding the recording project to include others from the bluegrass scene, and began work immediately on Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective, Volume 2.

Learning that their individuals goals in the music business were aligned, Zack and Jason formed Positive Spin Records in 2016 to facilitate the recordings, in addition to administering their rapidly-growing wedding and events business.