Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective, Volume 1 (Physical CD)

BkBCVolume1frontcover art.jpg
BkBCVolume1frontcover art.jpg

Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective, Volume 1 (Physical CD)


The recording that started it all! Five friends recorded an album to sell at gigs, and thus the seed for the Collective as we know it was sewn!

Jason Borisoff- Guitar/Bass (track1&4)/Vocals
Zack Bruce- Mandolin/Vocals
Jeff Picker- Bass/Guitar (track 1&4)/Vocals
Sam Barnes- Fiddle
Ellery Marshall- Banjo

1. Homerun Man (Jimmy Martin/Buck White) 
2. This Morning at Nine (Sid Campbell) 
3. The Race is On (Don Rollins/George Jones) 
4. Blue Virginia Blues (Larry Sparks) 
5. Teardrops in my Eyes (Red Allen/Tommy Sutton) 
6. Don't Cheat in Our Hometown (Roy Marcum/Ray Pennington) 
7. Westphalia Waltz (Trad) 

Produced by Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective
Recorded by Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker Studio (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) 
Mixed by Jon Altschuler, Jason Borisoff, and Zack Bruce at Seaside Lounge (South Slope, BK) 
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering (Greenpoint, BK) 

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